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Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7, 2013 More Mixing the Old With New

Hi everyone!  How is our March going?  We've had quite a mix here in Central Oregon....some 60 degree days and some snow days...but always cold at night here on the high desert!

OK, I'm still pugging along with youtube series 'Mixing the Old With New.' This time I did it with scrapbook pages.   I know I already have a 'dislike', but this truly is a learning process for me, and I do need to grow some thicker skin :)  My only goal is to show people how to mix older products while still enjoying all the new goodies, and also, my church is trying to convince me to do some classes of sorts (I wasn't even good at these when I owned my own LSS :), so I figure overall it is a good life lesson for me).   I don't know how to edit, I know not all my angles are great, sound, if you have some suggestions, I would love to hear them here on my blog :)

Here is the video:


  1. Oh, Suzanne, I'm so sorry to hear you got a dislike! Hugs to you! That's so discouraging when you put so much effort into your videos!
    I know, personally, I rarely watch videos, just in the interest of time. I'd prefer to see the finished project and if I can't figure out a technique that was used, then I'll watch the video to see how it was done.

  2. keep doing them~you'll get better everytime. I enjoyed it!!!


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