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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest Obsession today was a hospital day for me....meaning I sit in a chair and get an infusion of IVIG (Immune Globulin) for approx. 6 hours......I didn't have time to load up crafty material to work on, so I grabbed Seth's (my youngest son) extra computer and got lost and inspired by pinterest.  I can't quit making boards!  Here are the boards I have started so far..
One from my DIY board....a photo of some herb infused olive oils and vinegars my sisters's and the nieces made the day after Thanksgiving we have dubbed 'crafting day:'


  1. these look beautiful. I saw that you aren't sure where to go for calls. Try this new site

  2. Hi Susan! How nice to " see" you again! Interest is addictive isn't it? I have been able to resist lately only because we are having so many issues with my computer. Gorgeous picture btw!


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