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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

I know it shouldn't take 6 mos. to get back to 'normal' after a daughter's wedding, but it HAS taken me that long to get back to doing the things I normally do....
With that said I'd like to share a few photos of Ashley's lovely winter wedding:
Sticky mess, working with fresh greenery...
It took all morning and into the early afternoon to set up the tables and decor, I loved working with the greenery Stan and the boy's had gone out and cut, Sethy's found horn sheds, some manzanita I spritzed with gold paint, and LOTS of candles, tucking different blingy branches here and there.  Could not have done it without my BFF, Susan....she was definitely my right hand girl.  Also, both Seth and Griffin, helping hang the tiny lights inside tulle over the beams.  The maids and groomsmen were also there for anything that needed be done.  Actually, it was Stan I could turn to and say...'I'm hungry,'....and he was at the store in a minute!  This is just the setting up of the tables, not how they ended up looking...
it turned out so pretty....
for the bridal table, my sprial flowers made with bazzill bling in black, tied with black tulle on ecru... it all went well without many hitches.....
More with the sister's all did the food, from the wedding cake :)


  1. Beautiful decor! That is a lot of work. :)

  2. the decorations look fantastic!! thanks for the visit to my blog yesterday:):):)

  3. Oooo that centerpiece is beautiful! I could almost smell the greenery (sticky as it might have been!) The decor looks gorgeous- totally worth all the hard work. :)

  4. I'm sure everything was just gorgeous! I so can relate, I don't think I had ever been as tired as I was after our youngest daughters wedding. It was mental as well as physical!

  5. Wow Suzanne - I cannot believe all you did! I'd be out of commission for a YEAR! LOL! You inspire me girl! big time!

    those tablecloths are gorgeous - man you are talented - is there anything you CAN'T do?

  6. simply beautiful and touching way of decorating for a special celebration, thank you for sharing a peek into the details


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