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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New TAgs....

Had to get sick on Christmas day, the day I most anticipate..the day my son's new in-laws (they are so great!) were coming for dinner...I don't get sick, literally....I get infused with immune globuline every month.......for my MS and Polyneuropathy.....but I did....pulled through...had a great Christmas Day with our little family and added the new family member, the Nordstroms...played games, ate, and it was great!  (I was in bed the next day, but that was fine).......
I tried to make some additions for my etsy shop from my bed:
Little ledger cards for scrapbook journaling cards or for gift
I feel better now, not 100% yet........
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. I'm glad you feel better. The cards look great!

  2. Love ledger! You can never go wrong using ledge :) So glad you were able to recover for a good day!

  3. glad you're feeling better.. hope you are back to 100% soon!!!
    Lovely ledger cards! Can see the many possibilities on using them :-)
    Sylvia xx

  4. SO glad you're feeling better!!! and I love those little cards,

  5. Oh so sorry you were sick on Christmas! I think I would cry as it's my favorite holiday too. Love those little cards. Adorable! Glad you were able to do *something* even while feeling yucky.

  6. Those are very cool! Sorry you were sick on Christmas, my boys were too. But I love that you worked on crafty stuff from your bed!! :)

  7. Sick during the holidays is so not fun but it sounds like your day was good. Cute tags!

  8. Cute ledgers. I am glad you pulled through for Christmas


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