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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Crafting Day

Well, as usual, my 3 sister's and myself had Black Friday crafting day after Thanksgiving.....we did several projects, and they were all fun, and I love all the finished projects!  The first we did was making wreaths...I made three, a square one for the front door, a gilded and glittered manzanita circle wreath, as well as a gilded and glittered juniper and manzanita circle that added some of Seth's shed hunting finds to (which I love, I know the small ones like this are hard for him to find, and part with, so these are SPECIAL :).  All the greens were gathered by my sister's in their own backyards!  Here's my little antler wreath:

I took the pic at night, will try to get a better one tomorrow in the daylight along with the other two.
Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


  1. Cute, I love the rustic feel of it, but with some glitter, a girl always needs sparkle.

  2. love this!!!we have the horns~

  3. I'd love to have a crafting day with my crafty sisters!

  4. Looks fantastic!!! And what an awesome tradition to have a Black Friday crafting day! :)


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